HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY HULKSTER!!/Hulk Hogan to create movie on himself!!

Hulk Hogan tells TMZ … a movie about his shirt-ripping, leg-dropping, arm-flexing life is officially in the works — and he’s already got someone in mind to play the lead role.

We sorta stumbled into the movie bombshell … after jokingly asking Hulk who he would like to see don the yellow bandana if a biopic is ever made about him.

“It’s being worked on right now, brotha,” Hulk said … before revealing who he believes would be the “perfect” person to fill his boots.

Hulk’s life story is definitely interesting — from bodybuilder to wrestling champ to movie star to reality TV star … and don’t forget all of the family drama. It’s pretty riveting stuff

— **Meeting with Hulk hogan again!!/Hulk Hogan small article from FSM MAGAZINE!!

sos30I met Hulk Hogan once again in uk this past january at the Manchester taping’s. I am very busy these day’s so only get the odd chance to update this website.. I do however have some news regarding The Hulkster..

Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart are no strangers to confrontation, with both having made remarks about one another over the years. From Bret’s point of view, Hogan was not willing to do business and drop the WWF Title to him at Summerslam 1993 – returning the promised favour after Bret had a hand in “The Hulkster” winning the championship at WrestleMania IX. Hogan, however, disputes these claims, stating that this was purely a call on the part of Vince McMahon, who wasn’t willing to show the same faith in Hart that he had Hogan as a headliner. Regardless of opinion, it’s undeniable that the WWF’s business continued to plummet once Hogan left the company after a European tour in June 1993, as the group thereafter suffered some of the worst financial years in its history. Indeed, in McMahon’s own words, the company was “in financial peril” in 1997, and only turned around when Steve Austin hit his stride as a main-event player, leading to the peak of business in 2000-2001.

In any case, more fuel has now been added to the fire of Hogan’s disagreements with Hart, with the current TNA figurehead’s latest interview in Issue 90 of Fighting Spirit Magazine. In the most open discussion of his 35-year career, Hogan fired a brutal shot at “The Hitman”, claiming that Hart drove down the salaries of future WWF/WWE champions by agreeing to work for less than everyone else.

“The main-event guy made the most money when he had the belt,” Hogan explained. “When I was the (WWF) champion, I made the most money. It was an old rule that Vince (McMahon) Sr. had that, thank god, was passed on for quite a while. That changed when Bret Hart became champion; he’d work for a lot less than anybody else, so it changed everybody’s pay.”

Later in the interview, Hogan also implied that he felt that Hart was two-faced, stating: “The last time I saw [Bret], he was flying around in my Learjet with me, and playing with my kids in the pool. Then, all of a sudden, we’re not cool.” The six-page interview with Hulk Hogan is in Issue 90 of FSM, available on Thursday, February 21 from WH Smiths and Easons in the UK and Ireland, and for iPhone/iPad and Android via www.FightingSpiritMagazine.co.uk. 40% discounts are also available on some subscriptions, also via our website.

I will be scanning and adding some pics of the Hulster from this full interview!!

Hogan talks Fast Chat

Hogan talks Fast Chat
In this corner, we have the youthfully middle-aged freelance writer Frank Lovece. In the opposite corner, 14-time wrestling champion HULLLLLLK HOGANNNN!!! And NOW … Now we put the wrestling shtick aside, much like Terry Bollea, the 52-year-old, not-quite-former pro wrestler, aka Hulk Hogan, paternal star of VH1’s Sunday-night reality show “Hogan Knows Best.” Sitting today in a midtown hotel, he is soft- spoken, expansive, willing to answer any question in what seems the truthful tone of an American icon – or perhaps Americana icon – who’s beyond good or bad publicity. It’s natural to be skeptical: His 2002 autobiography, “Hollywood Hulk Hogan,” was, according to some wrestling fans, a bit filled with tall tales. He still claims that the late wrestler Andre the Giant weighed 700 pounds when Hogan lifted him during a match – even though the world record for weightlifting, set Sept. 14, 2003, is 213 kilograms, or not-quite 470 pounds. Even so, the effortlessly charming Hogan seems utterly sincere when he describes doing his reality show as a means of helping his daughter, Brooke, 17, an aspiring singer, get the same cross-media exposure as do Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. When it comes to being a doting dad, hey, you’ve got to admit he’s a champ. Also a former bass player in a rock band, which you need to know because it involves how Ferocious Frank made Hulk Hogan beg for mercy.I was reading that GPS locators, like the one you put in your daughter’s SUV last season on your show, are the next big mainstream technology. So for all the jokes people made, you might have been ahead of the curve.
And it had nothing to do with the TV show. As soon as she got her driver’s license I was ready to put this GPS in her car. It’s gonna happen with my son, too, when he turns 16. So instead of her going to the mall and disappearing and [us] waiting three days to find her dead body somewhere, now she goes to the mall, she’s not home on time, I go on the computer. If the car’s heading a thousand miles north to New York City, I know right where she’s at instantly. Or at least where the truck is, so it gives you some type of lead there. It’s a little weird to some people, but to me it makes sense.On the other hand, you do have her face and everything on TV every week.
It’s helped my daughter ; and my son, it’s helped him with his acting and his racing, which he’s doing now. It was tough the first season, but then we kinda got sucked into it where we became real good friends with the production company and the camera guys, and when we’re done filming we’d hang out and work out, or go to the beach, or drink beers or whatever. It looks like we’ll probably be heading into season three full-blaze.When you first wrestled for [promoter] Vince McMahon, he hooked you up with old-time wrestler Fred Blassie, who was Andy Kaufman’s idol.fastchat2
Vince … stuck me with Fred Blassie as my so-called wrestling manager, which he was just – he was not my real manager.

Ever meet Andy, our own Great Neck guy?
Yeah, I did. I did. Walking backstage in Memphis. Saw him in a room with [pro wrestler] Jerry Lawlor, talking over … had planned. Y’know when he [Kaufman] saw me, it was like deer in the headlights, because he wasn’t part of this business. Jerry Lawlor brought him in because he knew the publicity he [Lawlor] would get and how much of it helped his career, so he kind of kept Andy to himself … hoarding this “Andy Kaufman, superstar” in the corner. He used to come to the matches in Memphis, and he’d sit way at the top of the nosebleed section at Mid-South Coliseum. So that was weird, too.

I heard you twisted your ankle filming the [upcoming] movie “Little Hercules in 3-D.” What would you have done if somebody had said, “C’mon you big baby, walk it off”?
Well, I did keep going; I didn’t miss any days or anything. I was actually working with a buddy of mine that’s 525 pounds The Big Show. I played – what part did I play?

Zeus. Thank you. And Paul played Marduk, god of Babylon. I was sitting in the makeup chair, and he walked by and stepped on the side of my foot, and I went, “You — !” I’m barefoot, in my toga, and he’s steppin’ on my — foot! I got it X-rayed and it wasn’t broken; it was what they call a real bad sprain. But it took almost three months to get over that. Let me know if anyone’s ever dared tell you this joke: What do you call a guy who hangs out with rock bands? A guy that hangs out with rock bands? No idea.

The bass player.
Ooo-oooh. That’s cool, that’s cool. Yeah, that’s kinda getting kicked to the curb. Hah! Stop. Yer killin’ me.

The Hogan family: Bring on the reality

The Hogan family: Bring on the reality
By DERRIK J. LANG, The Associated Press 

NEW YORK — The similarities between Ozzy Osbourne’s family and Terry “Hulk” Hogan’s bleached-blond brood are as striking as the wrestling legend’s leg drop finishing move.

Hogan, 51, is the only seasoned celebrity among his family of four, just like Ozzy. Daughter Brooke, 16, is an aspiring music star, just like Kelly. Son Nick, 14, is rebellious and slightly apathetic, just like Jack. And wife Linda seems to be the true ringleader of the household, just like — you guessed it — Sharon.

Of course, the tanned and rowdy Hogan family, stars of the VH1 reality show “Hogan Knows Best,” would like to think otherwise.

“Our intensity isn’t madness,” insists Hogan, clad in his trademark do-rag while sitting with his family in a conference room above Times Square. “We are a united front here.”

Before fatherhood, Hogan often advised little Hulkamaniacs to say their prayers and take their vitamins. With his own kids, curfews are enforced, drugs are a no-no and dating is off-limits.

Despite the strictness, Linda and Hulk are supportive of Nick and Brooke. Nick’s into cars. Brooke’s into being a star. She wants to ride her dad’s do-rag tails to Britneydom. After going through what Hogan calls a “boot camp” with boy-band impresario Lou Pearlman, Brooke ditched the producer and is recording a debut album on her own.

Using his fame, Hulk is giving Brooke a big push. The pair popped up at this year’s Grammys and starred in the VH1 special “Hulk Hogan, Stage Dad,” the precursor to “Hogan Knows Best.” Hulk is afraid of Brooke receiving the Lindsay Lohan tabloid treatment, but it’s all part of the job.

“I know I can handle it,” says the bubbly Brooke.

Although Hulk is the star of “Hogan Knows Best,” which airs at 10 p.m. Sundays, boosting Brooke’s pop career was the main motivation for allowing producers and camera crews to invade their 18,000-square-foot home in Belleair, Fla.

“Terry and I knew about the reality side of having a reality TV show,” says Linda. “It’s in your face. It’s four months of having no privacy.”

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