The Most Famous Wrestlers of All Time

People love sports, and they are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Some people love to play, others prefer just observing, but they share a passion for it that is universally recognized. People also like to place a few bets now and then, and the Internet is very helpful when it comes to betting during the pandemic. All you need is to choose a website that suits you, and you are good to go. There are even those that offer incentives for new members; for example, those who sign up immediately get their Winmasters Bonus, with which they can go start playing right away. Sports are very attractive, but today, sometimes it is difficult to tell whether something is a sport or not. Wrestling, although maybe not a real sport, has enchanted millions of fans around the nation and the globe. There is just something appealing about the fighting and the drama that is appealing to people. So without further ado, here are some of the most famous wrestlers of all time.

The Ultimate Warrior

We should not forget that the wrestling scene has existed for a while; some would even say that it peaked in the ’80s. If you watched television back then, you are familiar with The Ultimate Warrior whether you were a wrestling fan or not. Although he was not a very skilled wrestler, his unique makeup and personality made him stand out from others. He took his calling seriously and did not abide by the rules set forth by the WWE. Nevertheless, at one point, his popularity rivaled that of Hulk Hogan.

John Cena

Like the previous wrestler, it is very difficult to go through the world without having encountered the name of John Cena at least a few times. He has been a professional wrestler for almost two decades, and one of the greatest stars in WWE for twelve years. He is either loved or hated by the audience, based on the script presented by WWE; however, outside of the ring, he is a great humanitarian and the most active star in the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

André The Giant

AndrĂ© was the first grand attraction in the world of wrestling. Being just over 7 feet tall and weighing 520 lbs, he caught the eyes and hearts of people all over the world. Aside from his wrestling career, he starred in numerous movies and was so well-liked overall, that we can safely say that he helped make the world of wrestling what it is today. There are also legends surrounding him, for example, his ability to consume unimaginable amounts of alcohol with practically no ill-effects. 

The Undertaker

The Undertaker will be very familiar to both young and old wrestling fans. He appeared at the right moment and took WWE by surprise. By the time he became popular, the loudmouth act that was made famous by wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan was becoming outdated. Then, the Undertaker appeared, silent and terrifying, and created a balance when it was needed. Very few wrestlers can show a career as impressive as his.

Hulk Hogan

A list like this cannot be created without mentioning Hulkamania. No other wrestler can hope to gain the popularity that Hogan had, as he appeared not only in wrestling but also in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and commercials. Every aspect of his character was made to appeal to the audience.