Hogan steals the Summer

Hogan steals the Summer
IT’S amazing when you think about it.

On paper Hulk Hogan shouldn’t be popular with today’s breed of wrestling fans.

While others are moonsaulting off of ladders and putting people through tables, Hulk’s big boot/leg drop routine has changed little since the first SummerSlam was held in 1988.

The crowd boo John Cena for his cheesy gimmick and limited wrestling skills, which are both accusations you can also level at Hogan.

But at this weekend’s SummerSlam, now in it’s 19th year, the Hulkster was the most poplar man in Boston.

And, we’ve got a confession to make, he was also the most popular man as we watched back home in London.

So what gives Hogan such amazing appeal on Sunday night?

First off SummerSlam, as much as WrestleMania, will always be associated with the Hulkster.

He headlined the first four shows and returned last year for a memorable main event with Shawn Michaels.

Secondly speak to any sports fan and they’ll always reminisce about the golden age of football/cricket/wrestling being when they were young.

And since most of this generation would have grown up on Hulk – either in his original WWF babyface run or heel WCW tenure – they’ll go mad for every muscle flex and finger point.

credit goes to the Sun Newspaper