Hulk Hogan-Themed Things

Terry Gene Bollea is a wrestler that is most recognized around the globe as Hulk Hogan. Not only is he a wrestler, but he also stars in movies as well. That is probably why he is so familiar because he doesn’t just do one thing, he does many. He has many fans from all over, and it’s because of them he got so popular bringing forth many things with the name “Hulk Hogan” in them. It’s also no wonder where he got his name from. His personality and physique practically tell you “Hulk” from the first glance. Hulk Hogan and his fans are alike, and they all live up to their names. When Hulk Hogan would enter the ring, his theme song would play the song Real American. Everyone decided that was his theme, and that it suited him well. Even to the present day, Real American is what deems Hogan the most as his theme. If you used to bet on him in the past, make sure to check out his online game Hulkamania! Here are just a few examples of the big list of Hulk Hogan themed things.


Being so popular amongst the people, some have thought of and created the Hulkamania. Fans everywhere play this. When most of them bet, however, Cherry Casino Welcome Bonus helps them to save their money and use it for more of the good things. When looking at Hulk Hogan’s slots you will notice they are covered with symbols and such that are all based around his influence. The Hulkamania Slots are definitely for his biggest fans to play. Try out the legendary wrestler’s Slot machine for yourself and see if it lives up to its name! Don’t just try out the game, but also purchase the merchandise and watch the television that go with this trend of the crazy Hulkamania. People everywhere love it, and show it to by supporting him.


Sounding just like the online game, his fans are known as the Hulkamaniacs and for good reason. Hulk Hogan is known as one of the most “different” wrestlers of all time. Rambunctious and high personality can offend some, but his fans think he is a great person to look up to. The crowds that gather up to cheer him on get really rowdy, hence the reason for their labeling name. Making noise and big outbursts outside of the ring is really what they are known for. One thing is for sure, they help out Hulk Hogan during his matches whilst cheering him on in the fashion they love the most. He would call his fans his Little Hulksters too, so they are not just known as Hulkamaniacs.